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Our Treatment Techniques

Physiotherapy is non-invasive. In your first visit, you will undergo a thorough assessment of your condition. Our physiotherapist will then provide a detailed explanation of the cause of injury and the expected duration of recovery.


Educating our patients with the knowledge of their condition or injury is a big part of our clinic physiotherapy treatment experience. With an accurate diagnosis, our physiotherapist will customise a rehabilitation programme that optimises treatment outcome. Physiotherapy treatment typically involves one or a combination of the following treatment techniques during the session:

Hands-on Physiotherapy Techniques

  • Joint mobilisation (gentle gliding) techniques, 

  • Joint manipulation, 

  • Joint mobilization with movement,

  • Muscle Energy Techniques, 

  • Muscle stretching, 

  • Neurodynamics, 

  • Soft tissue release techniques

Physical modalities

  • Therapeutic ultrasound,

  • Electrotherapy, 

  • Cervical-Pelvic Traction, 

  • Muscle Vibration, 

  • Hydrocollator, 

  • Cold pack,

  • Kinesiotape

Physiotherapy Exercises

  • Neurokinetic therapy (NKT)

  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS)

  • Therapeutic Exercise

Biomechanical Analysis

Biomechanical assessment, observation and diagnostic skills are paramount to the best treatment. Poor technique or posture is one of the most common sources of repeat injury. 

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